My pastel paintings are done with professional quality hard and soft pastels.The process is much like drawing with sticks of chalk! However, the sticks are of pure pigment with very little binder which means I am painting with dry paint, hence, they are called "paintings" instead of drawings.

The layering of pure color requires an acid-free paper with some texture to hold large amounts of pastel.

I use a variety of quality papers, most of which are colored. Some of the works shown are done on a heavy watercolor paper with a watercolor base coat. This gives the work a slightly different texture and depth.

My watercolors are always done on 100% rag content paper. This makes them durable for soaking with water and means that they are acid-free. A high quality watercolor paper will not "rot" or discolor as it ages. I use a variety of weights and texture of paper.

I use artist professional watercolor pigments that come in tubes made by various manufacturers. These transparent watercolors contain genuine pigment that are stronger and brighter.

Please contact the artist if you would like more information and the availability on a particular piece.